Real Madrid keen to spoil Barca’s Fabregas party

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Cesc – sporting a beard of malcontent


Anyone who has ever actually urinated on some communal chips will probably attest to a twisted surge of satisfaction that comes from cutting your nose off to spite other people’s faces.

Hence, Real Madrid can lean back and slow hand clap themselves today, with rumours of some serious party-poopery going on with regards to Cesc Fabregas’ stuttering move to Barcelona.

The word on the street is that Real are preparing a £40million “move” for the Arsenal man, whilst seemingly totally aware that their chances of landing him are about as slim as a paperclip reimagining of Peter Crouch. They just want to price Barcelona out of the race.

Great. This one could drag on even further.

In other Barcelona-related news, apparently Man City are keen to swap Robinho-plus-cash for Ibrahimovic.

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