Rangers fans ruin Man United crazy football party

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It’s a sad day for open-top bus manufacturers


Oh great, say those middle class enough to support Man United, the Scots have ruined everything. And they’re right. It was all looking so brilliant a couple of weeks ago – the Premier League was pretty much in the bag, things looked promising for Europe – hence the lion’s share of United fans were busy booking their flights up to Manchester to enjoy a good old fashioned open top bus street party.

But no. Thanks to those brutes from the northern most point of the kingdom, Manchester police have deemed any kind of football celebration totally illegal – at least until after they’ve finished clearing up the blood, sludge and goo left over from the Rangers fans UEFA Cup final party/riot.

As everyone knows, there is absolutely no point in winning anything in football unless you’re allowed to parade about town in a huge bus shouting about it afterwards. Shame on you, the law. Thanks a lot.

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