Ramos tweets solidarity with Pique after causing a language-based stir in Spain

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Real defender hits up Twitter to prove they’re still good mates



Sergio Ramos has assured everyone he and compatriot Gerard Pique are still pals, after causing a national stir over Spain’s regional languages during a team press conference.

During the interview, scheduled ahead of Spain’s match with Lithuania tomorrow, one Catalonian reporter requested Pique, who was born in Barcelona (capital of Catalonia for those at the back), reply to one of his questions in the region’s commonly-used tongue.

Once finished, Pique offered to repeat the answer in Castilian (what everyone outside Spain knows as standard Spanish), however, a stony-faced Ramos quickly stepped in:

Say it in Andalusian. It is a struggle for [the reporter] to understand Castilian.

It might not seem like much, but just watch the mood change in the room. Regional independence is a sensitive subject in Spain and Ramos’ intimation Andalusian, his hometown language, is widely ignored by the rest of Spain instantly set tongues wagging about a potential sociopolitical rift in the team.

The Real Madrid fullback later told press he was only joking and “had no problem with Catalans or the Catalan language”, posting a chummy picture to prove it.

National incident averted.

At least the Spanish know how to spice up these typically dull international breaks.

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