Ramon Calderon to Rafa Nadal: Ronaldo deal is “done and dusted”

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Tennis star gets to the bottom of the C-Ron transfer saga


Rafael Nadal is being treated as a hero in his native Spain – not only was he mobbed upon his return to his hometown of Manacor (see above), but the president of his favorite football team has deemed him a worthy confidant for transfer information. By some bizarre twist of fate, Calderon’s comments were overheard and managed to make the papers this morning:

Nadal met Calderon in the grounds of the All England Club on Sunday night and a Spanish-speaking onlooker heard him ask: “OK, President, where’s this Cristiano Ronaldo we’re supposed to be signing?”

The Real chief replied: “Relax, Rafa, everything’s under control and we’ve got him done and dusted.”

How convenient that someone managed to overhear this thoroughly fictitious-sounding conversation. It’s almost as if the Real Madrid boss wanted his comments to be publicized…

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