Ragnar Klavan became the Whipping boy for Liverpool’s Horrible Summer

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Ragnar Klavan

Liverpool have been preparing for their long-awaited return to Champions League when last weekend, they lost the match with Manchester City with the devastating 5-0. This result comes at the worst possible moment for Liverpool.

The Reds were hit by more dominant team of Manchester City. Poor Ragnar Klavan was pushed straight to the limelight after the exciting performance of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

A wild ride was promised by the German manager when he arrived to Anfield.

The fans of this football club had more than they bargained for.

After the 4-0 win over the team of Arsenal this 5-0 loss gives the fans very bad feelings and only a convincing Win to Nil at 9/4 price over Sevilla would be able to put the things into the right position.

Who was found guilty?

The fans and media pointed immediately at poor Ragnar Klavan. The 31-year-old defender from Estonia came in the starting team before Dejan Lovren and everybody thought he was a surprising choice. But this is a different piece of story.

Anyway, Klopp gave the Croatian defender a bit of rest and fielded poor Klavan who was absolutely smashed by the terrible attack of Manchester City.

Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus started doubling Ragnar Klavan many times and didn’t allow him to reach the ball. Klavan couldn’t neutralize effectively the huge threats and that’s why Jesus and Aguero were left alone too often in the playground.

Actually Klavan isn’t a player of a quality enough to compete in the Premier League, but he shouldn’t be the only one to take all the blame for the Liverpool’s loss.

And what about Sadio Mane?

There are many reasons not to place the entire blame to Ragnar Klavan. The Estonian was the only player taking on two others at once. This would have been avoided, if it hadn’t been Sadio Mane’s challenge on Ederson Moraes, the goalkeeper of Manchester City.

The winger of Liverpool in a dangerous area used too much force and lifted his foot too high in his effort to win the ball, which cost Liverpool a defeat.

Liverpool were a better side on the pitch up to the moment when Mane was dismissed. Klavan could have avoided the mistake if the two sides had remained level on terms when there are many players available.

Is it because of the transfer window?

The fact that Manchester City won is a definite proof that Liverpool was not active enough during the transfer window.

The likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and  Manchester City prove that Jurgen Klopp shouldn’t be praised for maintaining his approach that money will not necessarily buy you success and quality.

As a huge problem appears the lack of investments, power and authority to attract high-quality players to Anfield. The chronic lack of quality in Liverpool play cannot be Klavan’s mistake.

This is Liverpool

The club and the manager have identified areas different from defense as a clue to boost. At the end they brought in two strikers and a midfielder, without any addition to the defense.

Someone could disagree as Liverpool brought Andrew Robertson. Yes, they did. Whatever the reason is, they should find something to mask the fact they failed to bring the players they wanted or needed.

And the reality is that Liverpool are slowly but surely loosing the race with the clubs written above speaking about popularity and general appeal.