Rafa’s milkman revealed

Rafa drank John’s ‘white liquid’ for six years


It’s been the question on everyone’s lips since Rafa Benitez coughed up a brilliantly convoluted milk analogy to register his disgust with ex-Liverpool owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett yesterday afternoon – does ‘John the milkman from the Wirral’ actually exist?

Well, the Telegraph have tracked him down and can confirm yes. Yes, he does exist.

Liverpool fan John, whose morning milk deliveries Rafa says he would greet with the reassuring message ‘It’s milk, sure’, used to dump three pints of semi-skimmed on the doorstep of Benitez’ £4m digs in Caldy.

Says the country’s most famous milkman:

I’ve had texts from people all day saying that Rafa mentioned me in his press conference.

It is just a shame he left the club. He and his family loved it here and I don’t think he wanted to leave. He still comes back every now and again, though.

He was a very good customer. He was just the three bottles of semi-skimmed. They didn’t have to be placed zonally on his step or anything. He was happy to have a chat and he would always look after you at Christmas.

At least he’s actually a real person. Makes Rafa slightly less crazy than we originally thought. Only a little bit, mind you.

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