Qataris develop artificial cloud to keep pitch cool during World Cup

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Quite literally ‘cool as f**k’


Qatar 2022 will undoubtedly see at least 15 times more pissing and moaning than we had to endure during the South African World Cup last year, but if even half the technology proposed for the games comes to light, it’ll remain a fantastic spectacle.

A local engineering teacher has revealed designs for an ‘artifical cloud’ that will hover over the pitch and coat everyone in a cooling shade.

Saud Adbul Ghani says the system would cost half a million dollars, but could also be used over car parks and, erm, beaches:

Artificial cloud will move by remote control, made of 100 per cent light carbonic materials, fuelled by four solar-powered engines and it will fly high to protect direct and indirect sun rays to control temperatures at the open playgrounds