Is this proof Didier Drogba is staying at Chelsea?

Double D gets a fancy sports car delivered



So far this summer, Didier Drogba has been randomly linked to Inter, AC, Barcelona, Marseille and virtually every other European club worth mentioning. Yesterday, however, Chelsea may have been given the biggest indication of his intention to stay in the UK yet, as he had a convertible Mercedes SLR delivered to his Surrey mansion. The car appears to be right hand drive with British plates, suggesting he wishes to stay here and pay the extortionate amount required to keep it taxed and on the road.

Yes, it’s easy enough to take a car abroad, but anyone who has ever driven a right hand drive car in Italy will know what it is like to dice with death. The Italian high-speed-bumper-car mentality means a motor like this would be subject scratches, dents and furious hand gestures as soon as it left the ferry.

Chelsea, fans however, shouldn’t feel too encouraged by the news. The truck driver waited for two hours outside Drog’s house, but he failed to show up and it was taken back to Mercedes HQ. Could it be that DD refused the delivery because he knew he would have no use for it in the near future?

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