Which Premiership team has most fans from its local area?

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The Tigers top local supporter base list


In what might rate as the the least shocking poll ever conducted, the folks at Top Up TV have discovered that Manchester Utd have the lowest level of local support, with just one on five of their fans coming from Manchester.

While the majority of Red Devils in this country would get a nosebleed if they travelled further north than the Watford Gap, it appears that the club with the strongest local following are the Arsenal-bashers from Hull, with 88 per cent of fans coming from the region.

Here’s the survey results in full, where you’ll notice the big four languishing at the bottom of the table, or the ‘Spurs end’ as it is commonly known:

Hull City 88%
Stoke City 85%
Wigan Athletic 80%
Newcastle United 77%
Middlesbrough 76%
Aston Villa 73%
Fulham 73%
Sunderland 67%
West Bromwich Albion 67%
West Ham United 66%
Tottenham Hotspur 66%
Blackburn Rovers 65%
Manchester City 64%
Portsmouth 63%
Bolton Wanderers 57%
Everton 55%
Arsenal 53%
Chelsea 49%
Liverpool 22%
Manchester United 20%

Of course, Manchester Utd’s diminished local support merely gives testament to their huge global appeal, but it’s quite shocking to see Blackburn having just a 65 per cent supporter base. Did the rest not want to admit they were from Blackburn?

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