Police find Serbia’s infamous masked hooligan hiding in coach luggage compartment

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This bloke:



By now we’re sure you’ve already seen video of the hooligan-inspired trouble which forced Tuesday’s Euro 2012 qualifier between Italy and Serbia to be called off after 7 minutes.

The enduring image of that unseemly business was a masked fat Serbian bloke perched on top of a crowd barrier, burning flags, lobbing fireworks and generally carrying on like a fucking idiot.

He’s since been identified as 30-year-old Ivan Bogdanov, yesterday caught by Italian police playing hide and seek in a coach luggage bay.

16 more were arrested as police conducted stop and searches on all supporter coaches heading back to Serbia after the match.

600 pieces of ‘fireworks and explosives’ were found on the buses as well as tubby ringleader Bogdanov, who is alleged to be the head of Red Star Belgrade’s most notoriously nawty firm.

And how was he identified?

As foretold by our esteemed colleagues at Off the Post yesterday, police instantly recognized the shit tattoos Bogdanov was so proudly flaunting during the match.

Perhaps something in a long-sleeve shirt ‘next time’, eh?

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