Poland manager decapitates Michael Ballack!


Poland haven’t forgotten about that thing you did, Germany


One of the more interesting games this weekend is likely to be Sunday’s Group B clash between Poland and Germany, thanks in part to the media storm whipped up by brilliant-sounding Polish newspaper Super Express.

In an antagonistic article published this week, Poland gaffer Leo Beenhakker was instructed to “bring us their heads” by the national publication. To bring the aggressive point home, they pictured the manager clasping the bloodied heads of Michael Ballack and Joachim Loew. After the coach branded the feature “sick”, UEFA limply responded in the manner of a teacher who sees two kids fighting but carries on sitting in his chair because he can’t be bothered to go and break it up (thanks a lot, Mr Mills):

“We are aware of the pictures. It’s not something we should condone, people should be talking about the football.
“There is a healthy rivalry but there is a limit. We are hopeful the talking will be done on the pitch.”

Poland may have all the fighting talk of Scrappy-Doo, but the bookies place them at a distant 13/2 to make anything of the match – it looks like all the gauche Photoshopping in the world isn’t going to save them from a pounding.


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