Which player faked an injury so he could leave Newcastle?

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It’s zillionth choice striker Xisco!


The Spaniard pictured with some of his close male friends

As the player whose arrival at St James’ Park signalled Sir Kevin of Keegan’s impromptu exit, it’s little surprise that Xisco never became a fan favourite.

Dennis Wise’s greatest foray into the transfer market was shipped out on loan to Racing Santander last week, but it has been revealed that this move was born from controversial circumstances.

In his last days at Newcastle, the Spaniard complained of a groin injury and missed training for nine days. Subsequently, he insisted that he would need a further two weeks to recuperate. Just three days after saying this, however, Xisco successfully completed his first training session with Racing. Ruling out the possibility of a miraculous recovery, the player has had the gall/stupidity to admit that he forced his exit by faking the injury.

“After finishing a very difficult first year, I knew it would be more of the same next year so it was a good time to leave Newcastle.

“I stopped playing in recent days to force my way out.

“If the deal with Racing hadn’t been accepted, I would have considered my situation at Newcastle as desperate. I’ve been lucky since I arrived.

“The people there did not want me in the team and I could not understand why.”

After this admission, it’s fairly unlikely that The Magpies will trip over themselves to bring him back.

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