Pictures: Andrei Arshavin and his family appear in Russian Hello! Magazine

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Arsenal star shows his London lifestyle to the folks back home


After revealing his fancy London pad and fabulous fashion sensibilities via amateur photos on his official website, Andrei Arshavin has taken things a step further by posing for a cover feature in the Russian version of Hello! Magazine.

The Spoiler can’t think of many other footballers who would happily sell pictures of their young children to be put on the front of a glossy magazine, but  things are very different in Russia. They put the letter ‘R’ backwards for one thing. Seriously, they do. It’s mental.

According to our friends at ONTD, Andrei tells Hello! about his nice neighbours and his relative anonymity in London – he and wife Julia can walk around London undisturbed, something that would cause a frenzy in Saint Petersburg.

Arshavin also spills the beans on his love of condensed milk (a dairy affinity he shares with his son) and his friendship with Roman Pavlyuchenko. Fortunately, he manages to restrain himself from letting any more of his trademark overt misogyny slip out.

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