People involved with Chelsea say some things and stuff

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John Terry gets his leg over

Remember Chelsea? Play in blue? Won a couple of things last year? Spent a bit of money recently? Yea, that’s them…

Anyway, while they may have gone out of the FA Cup, look in very real danger of missing out on the top four and haven’t played well since ages, things off the pitch remain as pleasingly OTT as ever…

Despite reports stating that Carlo Ancelotti could be out on his arse if Chelsea lose to Copenhagen tonight, the Italian remains endearingly positive about the whole thing. He said:

“The season is not finished. A lot of times, I’ve been able to manage this moment. I want to remind you in 2007 it was the same situation and the Italian journalists know this.

“Maybe it could be the best season that we can ever have a memory of. Maybe it could be the worst. I don’t know.

“But wait, wait. Chelsea has not died. It’s still alive.”

While Chelsea might still be alive they aren’t exactly looking the healthiest. They’re lying on hospital bed waiting for a handsome Dr Clooney-type character to come along with those electric shock things and get them going again.

Right on cue, handsome Dr Clooney-type character, Jose Mourinho said:

“I love Chelsea. I was the happiest man when I was there. I was thinking to be there all my life and a few months later, I was out. So you never know.”

Ancelotti out? Mourinho in? Probably not.

Finally, John Terry chips in with a comment that could only have been more annoying if it had the word ‘banter’ somewhere in it. Speaking of Chelsea’s current poor form, he said:

“We have to man up a bit as a group of players and take responsibility.”

Or you could try not playing like a t*t, John.

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