Pavlyuchenko may yet stay in North London… at Arsenal!

Pretend Hiddink is Wenger, and might this be the future?

Soccer Euro 2008 Training Russia


It hasn’t quite happened for Roman Pavlyuchenko at Spurs, and the consensus seems to be that he’ll be off very very soon. And what with Robbie Keane rumoured to be Celtic-bound, the Tottenham striker roster may look slightly less potent come the New Year.

But the big news filtering in – mainly via friends of the site Football Fancast – is that Tottenham’s unhappy Russian might be considering a move known in the trade as “The Sol Campbell Shuffle“. And why not?

Arsenal need a man up front to stand still and smash them in, whilst the rest of the team performs their usual football/ballet. He was magnificent just over a year ago in Euro 2008. He could play in the Champions League.

Plus – and this could sway it – he’d be teaming up with his old pal Arshavin.

Not completely out of the question, but would Wenger honestly be remotely interested?

Let us know your thoughts on the matter with a comment…

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