Patrice Evra to showcase his DJing skills at Turf Moor

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“Respect the iPod of Evra”


Now that Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t around to pollute his colleague’s ears with his dire taste in music, Patrice Evra has assumed the role of official Manchester Utd DJ.

The Frenchman spends hours preparing pre-match playlists on his iPod, and his choice of tunes will ring out through Turf Moor’s dilapidated away dressing room tonight. Says Evra:

“I enjoy the role very much. Before the match I sit down in my room and work out a playlist.

“I have to change it every time. You don’t know these guys – they’re like dogs!

“They’re hungry for new songs and get angry if it’s the same stuff as the last game.

“So I mix it up and make sure everybody’s happy. I put some English music, some Brazilian, some R ‘n B, some dance. Now it’s part of the ritual before games.

“Sometimes other people try to put their own music on – I don’t want to name names – but my team-mates say ‘Come on, respect the iPod of Evra’.”

We’d love to know which players have dared to cross Evra by playing their own music. Has Rooney tried to blast some Stereophonics? Maybe Federico Macheda requested some sexy disco music? Perhaps Dimitar Berbatov has tried to sneak on some Bulgarian power ballads?

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