Page Three WAG Amii Grove fails to sell her engagement ring again

Scorned beauty can’t seem to part with ill-fated jewellery

Amii Grove 1

Poor old Amii Grove. Not only did her heart-warming fairytale romance with ‘Kop Love Rat’ Jermaine Pennant come to an end on New Years Eve, but her attempts to cash in on her devastation were thwarted by an eBay saboteur. The Brummie beauty attempted to sell the £38k engagement ring given to her by Pennant on the auction site, but things didn’t quite work out.

Undeterred by this ominous dose of karma, Amii re-listed the ill-fated piece of jewellery here, but as you can see, it failed to reach its reserve.

As the old saying goes, however, you can’t keep a good topless model down. Amii has now relisted the ring for a third time, with a lower reserve price, but it has yet to attract any bids.

Jermaine, if your reading this, do us all a favour and put a bid on the ring. Not only will it put your former lover out of her online auction-based misery, but you’ll have something familiar to give to current plaything Jennifer Metcalfe. Who knows, maybe she could put it on eBay one day too…

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