Oops, looks like Garry Cook has talked himself out of a job

One of these men is Garry Cook

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Literally every family in the country features at least one member who would have been better off born a mute. Something in the circuits that connect the brain to the mouth doesn’t quite do the job – hence the uncomfortable silences that follow their every utterance, or the reluctant invitations to family events that seem to arrive at the very last minute.

If you can’t think who that might be in your family, perhaps have a long look in the mirror? Basically, it’s you.

All of which leads rather clumsily onto Man City’s chief exec Garry Cook, who’s brain-to-mouth malfunctions have reportedly rubbed the robed gentlemen up the wrong way in the last year or so, and could now find him wrestling his foot from his mouth on the football scrapheap come the summer.

According to today’s Guardian, his employers in Abu Dhabi, were particularly riled by his pre-Manchester Derby comments, such as:

“… not if, but when, we beat United again…”

And declaring that Man City will soon be:

“… the biggest and best club in the world…”

Comments made on camera, which were then apparently used by Sir Alex Ferguson during the build up to the game, to really get his players going.

Other blunders include: denying that Robinho would be going anywhere in January, revealing that, actually, the club had been looking at other managers for a while before Mark Hughes got the boot, and declaring Thaksin Shinawatra to be quite a nice guy.

“I have made some mistakes in my life, but I deeply regretted my failure to do proper research on Thaksin.”

Garry Cook, consider this a written warning.

Oops, looks like Garry Cook has talked himself out of a job
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