OMG, Gary Neville did a rude sign at Carlos Tevez

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Yes, that is what you think it is

Soccer - Carling Cup - Semi Final - First Leg - Manchester City v Manchester United - City of Manchester Stadium

The old saying about sticks and stones breaking bones is, frankly, wrong. Words can really hurt, as can mean gestures. Just ask Carlos Tevez, the snarling wolf-like striker who stuck it to his old club last night.

In light of his recent comments that United were right to get rid of the Argentine footballer, Gary Neville thought it wise to smear some extra salt into the wound by “flipping the bird” as Tevez celebrated scoring his first goal of the match.

Of course, Neville isn’t exactly known for his calm demeanour during big matches with old enemies, and this latest act of playground tomfoolery could yet find him trembling in front of a disciplinary committee, attempting to explain precisely what it means when you raise a middle finger to an ex-team mate.

He will no doubt point out that Carlos started it by doing a “shut your mouth” mime using his hands, and anyway, he didn’t ask to be born etc…

Naughty Gary.