OMFG! What’s this? Fabregas linked with Barcelona?

“Oh Sweet Jesus! Please can everyone SHUT UP!”


Clearly taking their lead from the Die Hard films, the Spanish press appear to enjoy telling the same story over and over again. First, there was the rumour about Cesc Fabregas joining Barcelona. Then, some other stuff happened, before rumours started surfacing about Cesc Fabregas joining Barcelona. Then it was the Champions League, swiftly followed by AN EXCLUSIVE story about Cesc Fabregas joining Barcelona.

And now, the BIG STORY in El Mundo Deportivo is that, get this, apparently Cesc Fabregas is DEFINITELY going to join Barcelona.

“(Cesc) has told friends and family that he has come to a four-year agreement with Barcelona and hopes to leave Arsenal before the World Cup.”

Well, you know what happened to the boy who cried “wolf”? That’s right, he didn’t sign Cesc Fabregas.

Jaws off the floor now, people.

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