Old face returning to United, trouble at Liverpool…

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Everyone, this is Owen… Owen… Everyone

Owen Hargreaves

Of course, the big news today is that Jordan has married another man – this time, the one with the botched up ears that look like big discarded tea bags. You know, the fighty bloke who suffered daily humiliation at the hands of Vinnie Jones on the TV show with the house? Him.

Yet, whilst the rest of the nation coos and gasps at revelations about post-wedding strip club tomfoolery, hardened football hacks haven’t even shifted a single eyeball from important football news. Here’s what we know today, thanks to the likes of The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times etc…

Tottenham’s disgruntled Russian, Pavlyuchenko, would now be enjoying the warm sunshine and spectacular skyline of Birmingham, had his current owners not repeatedly requested more money to prize him away from silly London. He won’t be happy about that.

Man United’s forgotten man, Owen Hargreaves – who plays football like a spaniel chasing a butterfly – might return to the first team squad in time to welcome Becksie back to Old Trafford. Ferguson said this, as reported in today’s Daily Mail:

“I would like to see him make he squad for the Champions League fixtures against AC Milan, but we won’t rush him.”

More trouble is brewing over at Anfield, with rumours going around that Hicks and Gillett are going to need £100million in new investments, or it could be curtains.

And there is even talk of Rafa heading off to Real Madrid in the not too distant future.

Oh, and Barcelona still fancy Fabregas. No change there.

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