Oksana Andersson wins MOST LIBERAL WAG prize

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UK’s finest take note…

Oksana Andersson2

WAGs are funny. So tanned, so moisturised, so pretty, but informally ask one if she’s going to remove her top any time soon, and the air will suddenly chill – it’s as if you’ve said something wrong/inappropriate. Weird.

One WAG who isn’t so uptight when it comes to removing clothes, however, is Sweden’s Oksana Andersson – singer, model, resting place for Deportivo’s Christian Wilhemsson. You won’t find her sneering down her nose at the thought of going topless on the beach, and, not only that, but she won’t even dump her boyfriend for making abominable fashion blunders like shorts-with-braces (above). What a gal!

See what happens when Oksana no longer requires the top half of her bikini after the jump…

Oksana Andersson

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