Oh NO! Larissa Riquelme’s phone nicked by robbers!

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Much happier times


World Cup 2010 will be remembered for three things – those bloody vuvuzelas, that appalling Jabulani football, and the luckiest mobile phone in the whole world.

Namely, the one that lived in between Larissa Riquelme’s large breasts.

Proving the pleasure/pain theory once and for all, reports suggest that after a few months pressed against some delightful bosoms, the phone is having a less decent time of things, having been snatched by a pair of aggressive street burglars, who accosted Larissa and her mates, whilst she holidayed in Rio.

Larissa twatted these words on Twitter:

“I’m fine.”

Yes, but what about the phone Larissa? Is THAT fine?

Here’s a set of sentimental photographs, entitled “Memories of a Lucky Cell Phone”: