Oh great, now Wazza’s got to apologise to Coleen’s parents

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“I don’t want to!”


When Wayne Rooney was in the throws of passionate grunting with a couple of cackling hookers, he probably didn’t envisage that a few weeks down the line he’d be staring at the floor mumbling an awkward apology to Coleen’s MUM.

But, as reported in today’s Sun, that’s exactly what’s in store for the naughty boy.

Coleen has decreed that to completely win her back, Wayne will be required to pay his livid inlaws a visit to say sorry for paying for sex with hookers when, frankly, he can get it with their daughter for free whenever he likes.

In the words of “a friend”:

“He would have preferred to have phoned them first but Coleen insists it has to be in person.”

Man, when did a quick threesome with a couple of prozzies become so damn COMPLICATED?

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