Oh dear, England’s World Cup base is a bomb site!

A young lad plays keepy-uppy near the site…

South Africa Soccer High Hopes

The problem with computers is that they can take you on a journey into your mind’s eye, and wow you with things that don’t even exist yet. Basically, in that sense, they’re a builder’s dream.

With the beginning of the World Cup only a matter of months away, the word from today’s Times is that the England training camp at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Campus near Rustenburg hasn’t even been properly built yet, and a few eyebrows are beginning to raise and tremble in anticipation of a potential cock-up.

The training complex was scheduled to be finished in November last year, with the completion date now shifting to next month, and yet the “world class high-altitude sports training destination” reportedly deserves the rather more basic description of “building site”.

As everyone knows, preparation is key to a modern footballer, and any slight shift in plans can cause all manner of discombobulation, so Capello has flown over to check the pitches and assess his decisions.

After the “circus” conditions of the 2006 World Cup, the England boss apparently likes the place because it’s very remote. Although keen gamblers will be pleased to note that Sun City – South Africa’s Vegas – is just twenty minutes up the road.

That’s Michael Owen out of the squad, then.

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