Oh Boy! Shevchenko messes up again

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Chelsea stars get their leather on in da club


For those that didn’t realise, last night the theme was “Small Leather Jacket” down at Funky Buddha – by far the most sensual of London’s sexy wine bars.

Of course, Lamps was there with pals Ballack and Carvalho, all guffawing and loving their body-tight jackets. Even cricket’s Kevin Pietersen stopped off to let girls stroke his leather jacket and offer to buy him Martinis. But, as is usual with any Chelsea event, one man decided to join in and just made an almighty hash of things – can you guess who?

That’s right, it was the Ukranian Andriy Shevchenko – a man who appears intent on fashioning himself as some kind of modern-day fall guy (like the great Stan Laurel, only slightly more Russian sounding), and who is now making his bungles away from the pitch too. Just Look at him (below) last night – that’s a MASSIVE leather jacket, Andriy! Not a “Small Leather Jacket”. “Big Leather Jacket” night is on Thursdays – in, like, 1996!


What an idiot.

In other big news, it looks like Shevchenko will be leaving for free in the summer. Worst investment ever?

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