Official UEFA website posts result of Chelsea/ Barcelona game hours before kick-off

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Dummy match report arouses further suspicion


According to yesterday’s poll, 41 per cent of Spoiler readers agree with Jose Bosingwa, believing hopeless Norwegian referee Tom Henning Øvrebø was acting “under orders” to allow Barcelona safe passage to the Champions League Final. News that has emerged inthis morning’s Sun will do nothing to quell suspicions of a big ol’ stitch up.

Apparently, the official UEFA website posted a “dummy” match report hours before kick-off, which stated the game would end 1-1. It also correctly predicted that the Spaniards would earn a late equaliser, and that Didier Drogba, Michael Ballack and Alex would receive bookings.

The Spoiler puts this down to an incredible coincidence, but the type of folks who wear tinfoil hats to keep the government out of their brains will certainly have some more fuel for their crazy conspiracy fire…

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