North Korea finally decide to show one of their World Cup games live (and get beaten 7-0)

Match billed as revenge for ‘66 was intended to lift spirits


Many a joke has been had at the expense of North Korea’s home support and their heavily edited (opposition fans blurred out), week-late World Cup coverage.

It would’ve come as a nice surprise to the country’s football fans, then, that inspired by the team’s admirable performance against Brazil, Korean state telly decided to stream yesterday’s match against Portugal live, billing it as national grudge match – a nod to the plucky North Korean side of 1966, who made it to the quarter finals of the World Cup before being knocked out by the Portuguese 5-3.

Unfortunately, their plan to package the match as a feel-good revenge romp went slightly tits up as the team was tanked 7-0. Despite trying to keep spirits high by cutting to a rousing chorus of patriotic anthem “We Love our Country Most” at halftime, come the final whistle broadcasters had seen enough and ended proceedings on a hilariously abrupt note:

“The Portuguese won the game and now have four points. We are ending our live broadcast now,” a Korean Central Broadcasting commentator said, quickly cutting to footage of factory workers and engineers praising North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

[spotted on CNBC, via Deadspin]

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