No. 9: Gemma Atkinson

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The footballer lovin’ model is about to assault the music charts

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Having been romantically affiliated with Marcus Bent, Alan Smith and Cristiano Ronaldo, glamour model Gemma Atkinson is a fully fledged member of the WAG circuit. The 23-year-old Manchester lass made her name on teen soap Hollyoaks, and has since bolstered a thoroughly impressive CV with appearances on Soapstar Superstar and I’m A Celebrity, plus a role as ‘the love interest’ in a Goldie Lookin’ Chain music video.

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Gemma’s first soccer scalp was Wigan striker Marcus Bent, whom she met at a party several years ago. Marcus was engaged to the mother of his two-year-old child, but swapped his fiancé a few months before his wedding for Miss Atkinson’s 34DD upgraded assets sparkling personality. Gemma and Marcus then had a relationship hiatus, during which she became a notch on Cristiano Ronaldo’s bedpost. His penchant for hooker orgies, however, eventually grew wearisome and Gem got back with Bent soon after leaving the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

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2008 will be a big year for Gemma, who will be starring in an awful sounding British film named Boogie Woogie, and will be discovering her country roots by recording her debut album in Nashville. Marcus Bent will be joining her in the States because “he gets time off,” she told The London Paper.

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