No. 7: Charlotte Meares

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Charlotte MearesEx-WAG gets over Jermain Defoe the best way she knows how

In case you don’t know the wretched story, Jermain Defoe was happily dating model Charlotte Meares, and they had planned a lavish wedding, which included a ‘five foot ice sculpture of their interlocked initials’. This classy affair, however, was put to an end by hate monger Danielle Lloyd, who stole Jermain away, and is planning to buy a home with him.

In yesterday’s News of the World, Charlotte spoke for the first time about her situation, and how she got over the torrid affair by buying herself some new boobs (all £4k of which are amply displayed above).

To get a summary of Charlotte’s interview without resorting to reading sensationalist copy with UNNECESSARY capitals on unimportant DETAILS, see below:

» Charlotte was so devastated by the destruction of her relationship (and the loss of a £35k a week income and £3million mansion), that she splashed out on a boob job. She used the last of her money to do this and was left ‘penniless’. She describes the 32DD augmentation as ‘self therapy’.

Charlotte Meares 2

» “WAG implies you don’t do anything with your life and live off your partner. That’s just not me. I’ve always worked and earned my own money. There was no difference between me and an ordinary girl.” Charlotte protests her independence, and then gives details of the £40k he spent on shoes for her, the luxury holidays, cars and the £63k engagement ring.

» She spent £200k on a kitchen in Jermain’s Hertfordshire home, which has six ovens and two dishwashers. Fortunately, her culinary skills were not wasted: “I wasn’t very good at following recipes but managed spaghetti and lasagne.”

» She called him ‘Jem’ and he called her ‘Lots’. They liked going to Nandos. Awwww.