No. 5: Martina Stella

Adrian Mutu’s “friend” has a real career and stuff

Martina Stella 1

The Italian gossip industry has been all a-twitter this week with claims that Adrian Mutu, who used to take coke for Chelsea, has been playing away from home. Now at Fiorentina and with a wife and three kids, Adrian has still found time, say the tittle-tattles, to steamroller 23-year-old actress Martina Stella.

Martina’s acting career has mainly unfolded on Italian TV, but she got her break on the international stage with a bit part in Ocean’s Twelve. (As experts will tell you, the worst film in the Ocean’s series.)

Martina Stella 2

Mutu has been less-than-happy about the alleged intimacy with Martina, and has spoken out on behalf of his reputation as a family man. These quotes, taken directly from this awesomely-translated website, make his position perfectly clear:

“I love my wife that I am giving my third child and I love my family. Particularly happy this time of my life I do not have crickets for the head, to which you are sparlando on my behalf in these day is pure fantasy.”

Martina Stella 3

With her mistress-style relationship and a partner who denies anything ever happened, Miss Stella might not technically qualify for her WAG card just yet. With her looks, though, surely she won’t make it the end of 2008 without a more fulfilling and permanent Serie A companion.

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