No. 2: Eva Gonzalez

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Spain’s number one WAG hangs with Spain’s number one keeper



After shooting to prominence by winning Miss Spain in 2003, Eva Gonzalez, 27, has managed to resist using her sexy powers for evil, in spite of getting the same start in celebrity life as Danielle Lloyd (who won the British equivalent in 2006). Unlike Miss Lloyd, she has chosen not to work her way through every high profile football player who spills a drink on her in a night club, but hasstayed loyal to her shot-stopping partner, Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas, save for a few weeks of uncertainty in November 2006.


In addition to adorning the cover of Spanish Maxim, Eva has appeared regularly on Spanish TV as a presenter, and in a career highlight, starred in a Tampax advert in 2005. Plus, according to Wikipedia, she was named as the ‘prettiest footballers’ partner’ in a survey. Whether said survey was carried out by any official body, or by a Real Madrid goalkeeper, is unclear.


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