No. 16: Helen Svedin

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Luis Figo’s perma-nude missus could be on her way to London


At the end of June, Luis Figo’s contract with Inter Milan will expire, and the thirty-five year old winger will be a free agent. He could be off to the MLS, but those who appreciate Portugal’s golden era of football and Swedish models in equal parts will hope the rumours of a move to Fulham or Queens Park Rangers come to fruition. Figo and his wife Helen Svedin could be permanently moving to the home they own in West London very shortly…

The picture above shows the 32-year-old Swede in her most typical state. In fact, a quick Google search will show Helen’s utter distaste for wearing any kind of clothing – her role as the face of thread-pushers H&M seems to go against everything she stands for. At last count, there were more original copies of the Bible floating around than pictures of the Swedish WAG showing anything approaching modesty.



Figo and Helen met in 1996 at a Joaquín Cortés show in Barcelona. Despite attending a performance by Spain’s premier flamenco dancer, Ms. Svedin was delighted to discover Luis was not in fact homosexual, and now they are married with three young children.

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