No. 15: Cheryl Cole

A brief history of the recently scorned pop star


Long before Danielle Lloyd hit the scene, another footballer-lovin’ beauty was known for her racist tirades. Cheryl Tweedy soon recovered from the media haranguing that followed an altercation with a black toilet attendant in 2003, and went on to lead and happy and fulfilled life as the wife of Ashley Cole… right up until this morning, that is, when she and the rest of the nation learned that Cahsley had alledgedly steamrollered a ropey lass on a night out in December.



















Newcastle-born Cheyl Ann Cole (née Tweedy) is twenty-four years old and a member of girl group Girls Aloud, whom you may have seen in the popular hit parade. She has placed as high as second in FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest women poll (2005) and unlike Ashley’s latest conquest Aimee Walton, she would probably not let a man continue to have sex with her if he had been sick over her.



















Although she may look like another pretty face, Cheryl is in fact a shrewd businesswoman. Her 2006 Hertfordshire wedding cost £500,000 (including a £110,000 dress), which sounds steep, but she sold the rights of the pictures to OK! Magazine for £1.5million. That’s £1m profit in the bank, baby! She is said to have been a strong influence in her husband’s upgrade from a pauper’s £55k a week at Arsenal to £90k at Chelsea, and has so far reaped gifts including a diamond-encrusted watch, a Bentley and whatever he has to buy her to get over the current ‘Chelsea Love Rat’ scenario.

Plus, she will put her face to just about any product you can think of – shampoo, mobile phones, Coke and the thoroughly dignified campaign for the National Lottery, pictured above.