No. 13: Manuela Arcuri

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The Italian model has tried to turn the wayward Francesco Coco back to the straight and narrow

Manuela Arcuri

Italian defender Francesco Coco is mighty popular around Milan – he spent his entire career working for AC and Inter, and he also owns several clothing stores in the fashion capital. Recently however, his reputation as a ‘drugged-up gay who lives in nightclubs’ (his words, not mine) was enhanced by an appearance on the Italian I’m a Celebrity, where he developed a close relationship with a ‘flamboyant’ male contestant. Despite this public exploration of his sexuality, Coco has also been working on his more hetero side by seeming to bag the thoroughly unmasculine model/actress Manuela Arcuri.

After earning a degree in sociology in Rome, the 31-year-old Miss Arcuri decided to put her book smarts to good use by pursuing a career in fashion modelling. She then discovered her deep-rooted love of acting, and starred in many soap operas, plays and films, none of which you will have ever heard of.

Owing to her relationships with countless high profile celebrities, Manuela simply can’t keep off the tabloid gossip pages in her homeland: think of her as an Italian Danielle Lloyd. With more talent. And less evil.

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