No. 11: Sophie Bovington-Kerr

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She sounds posh, but her public steamrollering habits say otherwise

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The night before England’s crucial qualifying match with Croatia at Wembley, the England squad stayed at the Grove Hotel in Watford, whose decor is more akin to a knocking shop than a top-class hotel. The same day, a group of models were attending a photoshoot for breast cancer awareness at the hotel, and the paths of ‘soccer ace’ Alan Smith and Sophie Bovington-Kerrcollided. In a toilet cubicle.

According to yesterday’s News of the World, Eighteen-year-old Sophie held no qualms over boffing Smith in a toilet stall after he sent her a string of racy texts. Yet, despite her acquiescence to classy steamrollering, she jumped on her high horse to label him ignorant and rude. She was also disgusted by the general behaviour of the man she had relations with:

“I couldn’t believe the way they were behaving. All I could think was, ‘In less than 24 hours you lot will be at Wembley with the whole country willing you on to win’.”

Sophie Bovington-Kerr 2

Fortunately for her, Smith wasn’t even on the bench for the crunch qualifier tie, and she has managed to scrape together some justice by shamelessly selling her story to a tabloid. And to make sure this debacle never occurs again, The News of the World end their sensational exclusive with news of a re-assuring crackdown:

“FA bosses have now put a stop to any photoshoots with female models the night before international matches.”

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