Newcastle fans want Venables, McLaren and Ramos for manager’s job

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No one can accuse Newcastle owner Mike Ashley of not listening to the fans. Indeed, his choice of Kevin Keegan as manager was a rare instance of management listening to customer. If the powers that be at the Toon have been watching the message boards at the Newcastle Chronicle recently,  however, they might not be so eager to take the latest list of suggestions into the next board meeting.

Firstly, it looks like the fans have already started to realize that Keegan isn’t the Messiah they’d hoped. One Chronicle blogger writes:

“He did nothing @ Man City, and the England job showed him up for his lack of technical nous.”

So who’s being suggested as the successor to King Kev? It’s everybody’s favourite crook Terry Venables:

“How about NUFC getting in Terry Venables to help KK until the end of the season? I know people will say this will undermine KK etc etc and will say how much they hate Venables but clearly KK needs help from somewhere.”

Does a moderately unsuccessful England coach sound a little too far fetched? Well, how about a completely unsuccessful England coach:

“Like I have said before Steve McLaren Is the right man for our Club and he is available.”

Plenty of posters laugh off Keegan’s suggestion that Messi and Ronaldinho are transfer targets, but the idea of bringing in a top manager who is just beginning his legacy at a more successful club seems perfectly reasonable:

“We can attract world class players by gettin a world class manager in Ramos and offering him tons of money. That is the only brutal way.”

Do you have any more suitable candidates for the gaffer’s role? Alf Ramsay, perhaps? Sir Alex Ferguson? WG Grace? Leave your thoughts below.

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