New Arsenal youngster looks pretty tasty… Barca aren’t happy though

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Arsenal. You gotta love them, don’t you? They play football the ‘right’ way, don’t spend stupid money on superstars and a lot of their players look sooooo cute you want to kidnap them and tie them up in a silk lined memory chest, taking them out occasionally to cuddle and feed.

You may want to do that – you weirdo – but one person who definitely doesn’t love the Gunners, is Barcelona president Sandro Rosell, who BLASTED Arsenal for pinching Jon Miquel Toral Harper.

Toral – who turned 16 earlier this month – has just signed professional forms for Arsenal having been nurtured and cared for like a beautiful flower in the Barcelona greenhouse.

The trouble for Barca is that the Gunners nipped in and offered him a professional contract before the Catalans, thanks to the help of Pep Guardiola’s brother – Pere – who is Toral’s agent.

Rosell is not too happy with Arsenal for their latest player pinching, having had to watch Cesc Fabregas and Fran Mérida join the Gunners in similar circumstances in years gone by. Speaking in the Daily Mail, the Barca head honcho said:

“It’s very important to keep this group of young lads together with a grounding in our way of playing football.

‘We don’t like it when other clubs come with offers of money just before the player’s 16th birthday. It’s legal but a little immoral.”

Not exactly as BLAST from a supersonic hairdryer, but you can see why he’s a bit miffed, can’t you? Or should Barca have not snoozed and losed? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

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