Neville and Scholes, and other kissing footballers

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Fans of movies about the mob will tell you that sometimes one man can kiss another man, and it’s not in any way girly/gay. If anything, it’s actually quite macho, and it goes some way to proving that there’s really nothing particularly eyebrow-raising about two straight men enjoying a nice long kiss. They’re just comfortable with their masculinity.

Judas famously kissed Jesus in The Bible (not a euphemism). The Hollywood movie Brokeback Mountain found two burly heterosexual cowboys kissing each other in a tent to stay warm. And now, Gary Neville has made everyone at the back of the class giggle, just because he allowed his heart to overrule his head during a goal celebration (above).

Well, grow up, kids! Football has a long rich history of kissing, and after the jump you will find some rather moving pictures of other footballers allowing their soft lips to do the talking…

A vintage Tottenham kiss, enjoyed very much by a smiling Terry Venables (left)

kissing footballers 2

Leeds favourites Harte and Kelly – either celebrating a goal, or just saying “hi”…

kissing footballers 3

Tevez and Maradona – blissfully unaware of any cameras

kissing footballers 4

Newcastle’s Kevin Nolan kisses Andy Carroll’s teeth

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