Nereida Gallardo’s affair with a Real Madrid star

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At least one of Los Blancos has boffed C-Ron’s missus



According to the British press, Nereida Gallardo is keen for Cristiano Ronaldo to stay in England, as she is flattered by all the attention she has received here, and she doesn’t want to fade back into obscurity in her native Spain. Sunday’s News of the World, however, suggested another reason why the failed model would not want her man to play at the Bernabéu next season:

“Cristiano doesn’t know Nereida’s already slept with one of Real Madrid’s top players.

“He’s a jealous guy and she’s kept it a secret from him because it’s something in her past. Sergio [Ramos is] a bit of a joker and the last thing she wants is him welcoming Cristiano to Madrid by announcing he’s already tackled his girlfriend.”

Nereida, 24, started seeing £120,000-a-week Ronaldo, 23, in January, but scored with £80,000-a-week Sergio, 22, earlier in November, after they met in Madrid nightclub Joy Eslava. The pal said: “Sergio was there with two friends and they and Nereida’s mates all ended up back at his house. Sergio was all over Nereida and ended up leading her by the hand into his bedroom.


It sounds like it would be really awkward if Ramos and Ronaldo became teammates, but they’re both so vain and crass that they’d probably start swapping stories and techniques. The rumor vine suggests that Nereida has slept with approximately 94 per cent of the Spanish male population anyway, so this is undoubtedly a situation for which C-Ron is fully prepared.

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