Naked Kelly Brook wears a lovely pair of Reebok trainers

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Oh God! She’s on a crane!


In a very literal example of life imitating art, Kelly Brook spent an overcast afternoon dressed in a snazzy pair of Reeboks, standing directly in front of a massive poster of Kelly Brook in a snazzy pair of Reeboks.

If you tried to explain this kind of situation to a foreign person or a child, their brains would immediately short-circuit right in front of you. It’s that intense.


Of course, the only marked difference between real-life-Kelly and poster-Kelly is that poster-Kelly appears to do most of her fitness training whilst completely naked but for her shoes.

For anyone wondering what this might have to do with football, think about it. She’s advertising Reeboks… Ryan Giggs once did a Reebok ad… you know, with the garden?…. Reeboks?


Anyway, Kelly spent probably around an hour or so voguing for a shaky cameraman – managing to squeeze in a couple of classic “over the shoulder, look at my bum” shots, and at one point she even dared to climb a window cleaner’s crane!

It was at that point that a mob of passers-by each suddenly produced a rather expensive looking camera from their pockets.

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