Too much sex could spoil Argentina, suggests Brazilian

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Tevez – shagged out?

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The consensus seems to be that a sportsman should ideally compete at the very height of sexual frustration – otherwise, think about it, they’d all just be lolling around the pitch, probably smoking a fag, the afterglow of a decent session having seriously detoothed the barking hound.

Or, at least, that’s what the Brazilian President Lula Da Silva would have you think. As reported in today’s Guardian, he said this with regards to Diego Maradona’s decision to legalise frenzied World Cup sexual intercourse with Argentina’s wives and girlfriends:

“Diego Maradona is the only coach to adopt such a policy.”

“I want to see the Argentines arrive staggering and exhausted to their games.”

Mrs Tevez, enjoy your tournament.

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