Mourinho believes ‘almost all’ of the Chelsea team will want to join him in Italy

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Inter gaffer loses ’special’ tag, but retains arrogance self belief


When Jose Mourinho was escorted away from Stamford Bridge last year, many Chelsea players were distraught. Drogba spent a week burning photographs while eating from a giant tub of Häagen-Dazs, while Princess Frank wept into his pillow while listening to ‘Hey There Delilah’ on repeat (it was their song). Now the Portuguese is back in the game, however, it looks like the band could be reuniting in Italy:

“I think it is normal that almost all of [the Chelsea squad] will want to work with me in the future,” said Mourinho.

But Mourinho said any transfer dealings between the two clubs would depend “if Chelsea wants to sell”.

Didier Drogba will probably bolt back to his old master as soon as Abramovich lets him off of his lead, but will Lampard want to start a new life in the fashion capital? On the one hand, he has twelve months remaining on his pricey Chelsea contract, but on the other he has a dog named ‘Rocco’. He’ll sound a lot less stupid shouting that in an Italian park than an English one.

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