Miroslav Klose full of praise for Italy’s first-class postal service

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Life in football mad Rome has its perks for Lazio’s chief goal-getter

Klose Lazio Postman

The clichéd view of Italy is that of a country yet to discover efficiency, where carrying out a task in the correct manner requires a silly amount of effort whereas it’s likely that if you take a few shortcuts, no harm will befall you.

You would therefore assume that the postal system is a joke, with letters arriving months late, postboxes as scarce as Serie A seasons devoid of match-fixing scandals and carrier pigeons the most effective delivery method.

Lazio’s newest hero Miroslav Klose won’t hear any of it though.

The German striker’s time in Rome has been rather eventful, scoring the goal that earned his club their first Rome derby win since the fall of Mussolini – or so it felt – then having to halt celebrations to condemn a seemingly pro-Nazi banner unveiled by his new worshippers.

But that unfortunate ‘Klose mit uns’ controversy aside, the veteran loves life in the Eternal City, with the work of the man responsible for providing his daily influx of fan mail leaving the biggest impression of all, judging by what he told Bild earlier this month:

“Coming to Rome was the best decision I could have possibly taken. Before I came here, I had never seen a postman kneel on my doorstep and kiss my feet. It’s happened to me here. It is amazing how crazy Italians are for their football.”

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