Might this be Jose Mourinho’s ideal Real Madrid XI?

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Third time lucky?

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With Mourinho seemingly all set to swan over to Real Madrid, there has been much talk about who he’ll be looking to sign in the summer months.

The whisper is that he’s going to start by adding a little bit of grit to the team that already boasts some sparkling attacking talent, with rumours abound that he’ll be plucking Maicon and Lucio from his Inter team, before removing Ashley Cole from his annus horribilis with the tempting opportunity to spend his days off mopping up the leftovers as a key member of C.Ronaldo’s nightclub entourage.

In the midfield, he’s been predictably linked with Lampsie, but more likely moves have been marked out for Roma’s midfield hard man Daniele De Rossi, and a third-time-lucky attempt to work with Stevie G.

Whilst, up front, Fernando Torres has been mentioned (unlikely), as has Diego Milito, and Jose’s old pal, Didier Drogba (more likely).

Begging the question, might Mourinho’s intended team look a little something like this?

Goalkeeper: Casillas

Defenders: Maicon, Lucio, Albiol, Cole

Midfield: De Rossi, Alonso, Gerrard

Attacking Midfield: Kaka, Ronaldo

Striker: Drogba

Yeah, not bad. Let us know your thoughts with a comment.

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