Meet the dwarf Brazilian football team!

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Is ‘dwarf’ the correct term now? Or is it ‘little person’? ‘Height challenged’? ‘Tallness impaired’? Etc…

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they lack a sense of irony – this Brazilian football side are named the Giants of the North. The world’s first all-dwarf side play with full sized goals, and managed to lose 5-2 to an under-13 side on Sunday. When your keeper is 4ft 7in and your central defenders stand as high as Peter Crouch’s knee, this isn’t a terrible result.

The team, whose smallest player is 3ft 7in, was put together to combat the second biggest problem in Brazilian society today: ‘sizeism’. (The biggest problem isn’t a monkey uprising as you may expect, but the whole dengue fever thing they’ve got going on right now.)

Micheal Owen, Aaron Lennon and Shaun Wright-Phillips have all expressed an interest in joining the side.

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