Maxi Lopez and Fulham remain victims in tiresome Tevez saga

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Innocent duo paying for AC Milan’s Per Mertesacker-paced actions


While Kia Joorabchian is being wined and dined by some of the most influential figures in football and Carlos Tevez is chilling, others have been left in limbo.

It is admittedly divided and indecisive AC Milan rather than the Tevez camp who are primarily to blame for the appallingly handled situation, but Maxi Lopez and Fulham have been well and truly caught in the crossfire of the endless transfer saga.

Catania forward Lopez has long dreamed of a San Siro switch, and unlike Tevez not just because he has burnt bridges elsewhere, and has been aware for months that the Rossoneri have been giving him the eye.

The Serie A star was left under no illusions that he was the last resort, the player who they would pick up if they failed to woo the hot, exotic type* in the far corner of the room.

Fair enough you might think, however things have taken a turn for the distasteful since. A powerful bloke warned Adriano Galliani off his first choice right when it looked like they might leave with him, so he reluctantly made his way over to his back-up option.

Though Galliani started to dance with Lopez, in the process prising him away from a less expensively attired Fulham, who were about to make their move, he couldn’t stop stealing glances at Tevez, who appeared to return them.

So, to exit that laboured dancefloor analogy, you have AC Milan agreeing a deal with Catania for Maxi Lopez, who is desperate to sign, yet he is left waiting as Galliani continues searching for any way to bring in Tevez instead.

And even further down the food chain are Fulham. They are far keener to capture Lopez, but he is understandably pushing for a move to AC Milan, though if that fell through he may prefer the Cottagers to staying in Sicily.

So at the moment there are no winners in this messy saga, a situation that probably would have been avoided if Galliani gave up on Tevez after being cock-blocked by Silvio Berlusconi convincing Alexandre Pato not to go. And we don’t like seeing the little guys suffer due to the folly of a giant.

*Okay, so both players are Argentine but you get the idea…

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