Martin O’Neill takes his players to the Science Museum

No wonder Aston Villa lost last night


We all know that the biggest brain in the Premier League – and possibly in western civilization – belongs to Arsene Wenger. Aston Villa boss Martin O’Neill, however, comes in at a close second in the cranium stakes: he never completed his degree in criminology, but can often be found sitting in on high profile murder trials to feed his fascination with sociology and the criminal mind.

Keen to encourage his squad to embark on cultured pursuits in their free time, the Villa boss organised a compulsory field trip to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, prior to yesterday’s match at Eastlands. A witness says:

“It was hilarious – O’Neill led from the front like a teacher on a school trip. He was in his element, sharing his wisdom.”

After being bored out of their tiny minds with facts about steam trains and textiles, the team asked to visit the Coronation Street Studios. O’Neill, acquiesced to the request, at which point the players were said to be “much happier”.

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