Martin Allen appeals for lodgings on Notts County site

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Apparently in 1967, when The Beatles released Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band, loads of bands just gave up knowing they could never hope to achieve anything as good as The Beatles’ sixth best album.

The Spoiler now knows how those poor bands felt. After the brilliant interview he gave to the BBC a couple of weeks ago, Notts County boss, Martin Allen, has now gone and penned a bat sh*t mental piece for the Notts County website.

Here’s what he had to say…

“Good morning,

“Special thank yous this morning to the people who have helped me since I got here last week.

“On Saturday, the Groundsman at late notice done a job for me. Top man!

“On Monday, Hannah the Analyst stayed here until 7.30 in the office to show me the set plays of Tranmere Rovers for my training session yesterday morning because I was busy the whole day Monday. She is a top girl!

“Kate stayed here going through all my paperwork and organising me until 8.45 on Monday night. Kate is the girl who works in the office. She took my white shirt home and ironed it and brought it back in to work for me to wear last night. She’s top girl!

“The bus drivers are cool and calm and drive the bus smoothly and calmly. They are top lads!”

He then went on to list loads and loads of other people who have been a great big help to him since he joined Notts County, before finishing off with the best final paragraph of anything we’ve ever read…

“I am trying to find somewhere to kip. I don’t like these posh hotels. I don’t want nothing flash. If you know anyone, it’s for me and my dog Monty who is a very good boy. I need somewhere, preferably on the south side of Nottingham to kip, have a bit of food maybe and kind of be a dosser who will keep himself to himself, who works long hours. Very polite and well mannered, friendly, funny, kind, caring, occasionally mad. If anyone can help, please contact the club.

“Thank you once again, after what has for sure been a very, very tough week.


So, do any Spoiler readers have a spare room? A couch? Anything? Anyone?

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