Mark Lawrenson gets homphobic abuse from directory enquiries service

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Heterosexual MOTD pundit suffers after 118 118 blunder


Thanks to the “Ask Us Anything” feature of directory enquiries service 118 118, pointless trivia is just a touch of a button away. The mustachioed men brought shame to their running vests recently by sending out racist jokes to those foolish enough to request them, and have now landed themselves in hot water over supposed “facts” concerning Mark Lawrenson.

Confused by his calm demeanour and soft speaking voice, a punter texted to ask if the former Liverpool defender was gay. A rogue 118er sent the following reply: “Mark Lawrenson is married and regularly take sit up the a**e. thx!”

Lawrenson is married with two children, and probably doesn’t approve of this answer.

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